Freelance rate for a rush job?

Hi all,

I’m trying to put together a quote for a potential graphic design job. Right now they have an unrealistically tight deadline which may or may not be extended, but they asked me to quote them for the “worst case scenario” (2 weeks to put together an annual report). My question for you is, how much more do you charge for a project that needs a really quick turnaround? I know freelance rates depend on a lot of factors, but I’m curious how you calculate something like this.

Also, I’m new at this, and I work a little slower than a more seasoned designer, so maybe two weeks is totally do-able (not in my past experience though). Thanks!

Can you give a little more info on the project? I tend to charge 50-75/hr. But I have been doing Web and Graphic design for about 5yrs

So, they need a 16-page media kit designed by August 15. They haven’t finalized copy or branding yet, either. I feel like getting in 2 rounds of design as well as revisions is going to be pretty tight.

send me an IM it will be easier to discuss than forums…

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I would charge $5-$7k for a rush job if I were a Graphic Designer in your shoes.

Thats based upon $50hrx5daysx2weeks. And some may consider the $50/hr extremely low.