Freelance portfolio structure

Hi all,

I am currently working on going freelance and as i am building my business plan, I am questionning how i structure my portfolio.

My thought on « Classic » designer portfolio who seeks employment is that process overcome the final results. But in a context of selling your service, i am guessing that final results overcome the process?

Also, do you include work done while being a in-house designer in work freelance/service portfolio?

Thank you

Hi Samuel,
If your former employer agrees, I don’t see why you wouldn’t add work done in another company to your current designer portfolio.
Besides results and process (in my view equally important), people want to know specifically what value you bring to the company - what sets you apart that they won’t find in anybody else.
Then it’s imperative not just to show result photography/renders, but also how you got there, why you made the most important decisions, and how efficiently you went through the analysis-synthesis cycles. Feel free to post your drafts!

Thank you Ralph!
I definitely need to work on showing what i can bring to my clients.
Here you can find my website:

I still need to add the process of my projects. I wish i could tell younger me to take more pictures of on going project!