Freelance POP Design Rates

I know the topic of freelance rates as been discussed on this ad nauseum, but what about freelance POP design?

Does anyone have any insight as to what an average freelancer would charge per hour to design, model, and render POP diplay designs?

From what I’ve heard through frineds in the biz, the range can go anywhere from $55 per hour to $110 per hour.

Personally, I typically charge $75 per hour.

I do almost all POP and generally the cost is around $50/hr for simple renderings. If they want more realistic scenes, higher resolutions, more detailed models, custom graphics, etc then the price goes up.

I have one group of guys that I go to the $25/hr range for but they do almost all of the work themselves, they just need someone to do nice final renderings and I developed a preset that works for 95% of what they give me. But they’re the exception.