Freelance payment internationally: paypal or remittance?

Hi guys

I just got hired as a freelancer by a company in Taiwan. How would you recommend payment? They offered via Paypal or remittance. I am not familiar with remittance, and I’m hesitant with Paypal because of fees and stuff I’ve been hearing about.

Thanks for your help!

I use wire transfers directly to my bank. You get stung with fees (about $15), but it’s fast and most Orient based companies know how to do it.

Do you always get stung with charges like that in the US?

I ask for International bank transfer - aka IBAN in my currency (i.e UK pounds sterling), that way I’m not the one taking a hit on bank charges. You need an IBAN (international bank account number) from your bank.

Yea I’m located in the US. $15 bucks seems like an awful lot. Do you know what the % charge is for Paypal.

I am in the US and worked for a company in Germany. I was not hit with any fees. The IBAN code was all I needed. It is a little bit of work to get everything set up but it is fee less.

I make my clients reimburse for the bank fees and do wire transfers directly to a bank account.

I would recommend you find a fee less solution, or build the fee into the cost without it being a line item. No one wants to be nickeled and dimed. Some think you chalk up to CODB. Cost Of Doing Business. You might spend more than $15 worth of time finding the solution!

I’ve had the same problems… it’s not just the cost to wire money ($20), but there’s also the cost to relieve money which can be another fee ($20), plus the exchange rate and additional change fee 2%+

This can add up to hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to change the money to your own currency!

For me, my clients are in the US, so I have US accounts to receive that money and I just buy stuff in the US with it, never transferring to the UK. Maybe an offshore investment stock account would work… I’m still figuring it out myself…

They’ve offered to Cover the paypal fee of 2.9% + $0.30. Hooray.