Freelance opportunity

Freelance Designers with Photorealistic product rendering expertise

Serious inventor in need of freelancer with above experience. Need really good work done. Please have a portfolio of your work. Work will be used in website, mailers, brochures etc…

I am not sure which rendering package does the best jobs and I don’t care as long as the work look real. The products are made from brushed steel, brushed aluminum, and frosted or transparent acrylic.

Willing to pay tops 25 hr. Please respond if interested and we will proceed from there.

you should be specific. what is the source 3d file? what is setting for the rendering? what is the deliverable? aso. those details make a huge difference in time and cost.

a little too low for me. unless it’s a completely open timeline.

I am not going to post that level of information until I find someone interested in the job and I would contact them directly with the particulars.

But thanks anyway.

By the way the 3D is already modeled in Solidworks, but I’m sure IGES will work.

“that level”?

free advice. i’m not asking anything a pro wouldn’t demand. the source 3D info saves you and everyone else from wasting time. the setting (white background with alpha for compositing or fully composited scene with people) is also kind of a big deal. and a huge cost upper. better to state up front and avoid more wasted time. the deliverable is another no-brainer. 640 x 480? 2k? single image? multiple views? none of that is giving away your invention.

and the hourly rate… worthless. i could easily tack on a few minutes to reach my rate and you wouldnt even know. better to not mention it. then give a project budget.

good luck. and register. many people won’t post their contact info for you to email them (this board is not moderated).

Thanks for all your advice, but its not needed. I know the business side of things.

I thought I would give a student a try. However I decided to go with colleagues I’ve worked with thru design firms. I have someone who will do it as a favor for the same rate.

just thought i would try.

Good luck in your career.

It’s going swell. Thanks.

ykh. Take a pill.
The guy is trying to offer someone some work.
If you’re not interested, maybe someone else is.

New inventor, I might be interested.
Can you post an email adresss?

me 2… pls post ur contact id.

bobby/STFU - just post your emails. better yet, post links to your samples. “newinventor” might not want to post that level of information.

HA! I got to admit how it is comical watching some anonimous visitor try to hook up with anonimous designers. This forum is a riot… :smiling_imp:

[quote=“newinventor”]Freelance Designers with Photorealistic product rendering expertise

“The products are made from brushed steel, brushed aluminum, and frosted or transparent acrylic.”

Why a photorealistic rendering? judging by the materials involved would it not be cheeper to prototype the object?