Freelance legal forms(PO, Inovice, Quotation)

Were can I find examples of these or any other information on this sort of thing. I just started freelancing and need to put together quotes and have already done for someone that i needd to bill. I’ve heard Quicken on this board for keeping track of everything but would love another input on the matter from someone that has a proven system.

…quickbooks, a business oriented version of quicken, is what i use actually…when i started out on my own 5 years ago this and peachtree were about the only choices for such things…good luck.

MRD- which Quickbook product do you recommend. I’m just a basic freelancer with a couple clients.

…i use quickbooks basic (simple start is what they call it now) and haven’t needed anything more than that.

I have all my finances set up in Quicken does it work well with it. Thanks for the info.[/img]