Freelance Job Websites

Does anyone have any experience of freelance jobs websites? The ones where you build a profile and bid for jobs that people looking for freelancers post?

Has anyone had much luck?

I am in the UK, but as these website are often international, it seemed appropriate to post here.

My housemate at university used PeoplePerHour for a while but nothing of the capacity where you would be able to support yourself. It was purely graphical doing the odd logo/letter head/branding layout. He managed to get a bit of beer money but not much else and his ‘clients’ were mainly traders looking for something to go on the side of their van.

I tried to give it a go once when inbetween work but didn’t have much luck for ID. Lots of weird CAD jobs with most of the time getting outbid by someone cheaper.

There is a guy on my Linkedin called Rob Bye that is launching a freelance service called Availo that may have some substance to it by working with bigger fish looking for freelancers but I’m not sure when he is launching it.