Freelance job - questions

Hello everybody

I’ m designer from Poland (member of European Union since year). I have 5+ years experience (mostly in graphics for web - layouts, banners, but also I was working for big Polish e-learning company for 2 years, and I know Toolbook quite good…). I’m looking now for contacs with small agencies from USA and UK, and I have few questions:

  • Is it possible to find work by internet, without personal contact?
  • How employers looks at foreign freelancers (question of language etc)?

My portfolio (very temporary - it’s hard to find time for self-promotion:-/): (mostly pitch works for big Polish internet agencies).

Best Regards
Remigiusz Szwed

…not only possible but doable…i’ve completed 6 or 7 projects this way…but clients who are open to this kind of virtual relationship are the exception, i am sorry to report…

ehh… I worked /work for 2 agencies in other towns, without personal contacts - only e-mails, gadugadu (sort of an internet communicator) and - hardly ever - phone… But in this cases I was recommended by friends/ex co-workers and I think that it was helped. I’'m going to redesign my portfolio with flash and graphical bangs and search further.

thx for replay

Get something up on core, it’ll help a lot. I’ve been contacted by locals, a few out of states and twice from overseas (lost to their cheaper local talent of course). But it can happen…with high speed internet, conference calling on your home computer, fax + email, it’s not much different than working with people on a different floor in your office building. It’s just an odd thing for some to get used to but you can do just about everything short of handling product from a remote location with a few adjustments in communication technique.

I have to be honest, I don’t see anything novel about your graphic design that isn’t available here. (Yes I am a graphic designer.) I also see language problems— not that your English is poor but there are grammar and spelling errors in your post that are not just typos. You work would require more proofing than local.

Unless you have something different to offer or your price is really low it may not be as easy as everyone says it is.

Yeah, I know - it’s my biggest disadvantage… I work hard on it:-)

Yes, but I don’t want to spoil the market (it isn’t OK to designers community). I’m thinking about making a “test-drive” - first small project for free to convice the agency about my reliability - is it a good idea?

Best Regards
Remigiusz Szwed

So, you did have personal contacts. That helps a lot and makes a huge difference. Looking at your portfolio, and knowing so many talented graphic designers in the U.S. who are looking for work, I just don’t see you being competitive at this point. I think it makes sense to look closer to home, in Germany, for instance.