Freelance Job question!!

I just started to do some freelance design. Many of my clients are far away in other citys so I want to send my digital files via jpeg. How do I go about charging them for my work. In other words I dont want to do a rendering and them have them not pay me. SHould I ask for half up front? How do they know im not trying to rip them off? Also what rates do you guys charge? any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all

Have them send back a signed quote and get a purchase order number before you send them work.

how did you find the work?
worth asking, right?

Treat it as a buisness. Create an invoice, assign an PO# and have them approve it and sign it. You can get Invoice templets in word, but when you send it out you might want it in a pdf. You want to also put terms in the invoice.

For new clients always ask for money upfront by bank transfer and divide the project into stages with a payment required at each stage, in order to move to the next stage. That way, if they pay the first bit and then they want to rip you off, they won’t get the finished article from you. Just explain that you always ask for the first payment upfront for new clients. It’s pretty standard practise - they won’t think it’s weird or anything.

Rates can depend on experience, but it’s one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ type questions. In my trade I’ve heard of anything from $300 a day (too low IMO) to $1000 a day. It’s one of the hardest things to decide, because other freelancers (and agencies) may not be free and easy when it comes to telling you how much they charge - I once had another (expensive) freelancer phone me and have a go at me for ‘undercharging!’

…i use quicken for my accounting, project proposals and invoicing…works great and i haven’t had any issues with client payments…i quote projects in phases such that i can invoice “due upon reciept” with deliverables at least every two weeks…if they fall 4 weeks behind they get no more work…usually, it only takes a second invoice to get things resolved.