Freelance internationally

Can it be done if you do not have a work permit for that country?
I feel like I am limiting myself to only my country. Does anyone have any experience on freelancing in different countries? How does that work with payment? How can I best set myself up for this?

Help would be great.


Of course it can - you are a consultant, not an employee.

You need a bank account into which your clients can pay you electronically. I don’t know if it’s different for banks outside the UK (don’t know where you are located). I always ask for a bank transfer from my clients. Call your bank and ask for the IBAN number, this is what your client will need to make an international payment to you. Put this on your invoice with the name, and account number of your bank account, the full address and the telephone number of the bank for any enquiries. This is what I do with my international clients (USA, Iceland, China, Australia) and it has worked fine.

Your accountant should be able to give you any further advice.

I’ve always freelanced worldwide. Having a good website helps!

Make sure you’ve a fast broadband connection too. I also have a password protected area of my site where can I post client work for them to approve (can be quicker than email sometimes). When you send the finished work off, courier it to them - use their Fed Ex /UPS /DHL/Whatever account number to send stuff.

Be sure to check what software they have before you email artwork, they may not be able to view it.

Finally. Be sure to ask for payment upfront.

Thanks for your response. I actually was hoping that it was as easy as that. So thats good news. I guess I was really just wondering if there were was any red-tape I would need to cut through.

Thanks again for response.