Freelance in Milwaukee??

I just recently graduated and wish to remain living in the Milwaukee, WI area. Would anyone have any ideas of any freelance jobs within the area or websites other than coroflot and idsa that might have job postings?? All help is much appreciated.

i should probably explain that “in the area” means traveling as far as Chicago or Madison. (1 & 1/2 hour drive), or of course, any distance if the work is over the internet.
Thanks Again!!

Try these. A lot of internships aren’t advertised, it’s who you know.

Harley Davidson (Milwaukee)
Fiskars (Madison)
GE Healthcare (Waukesha)
SC Johnson (Racine)
Briggs & Stratton (Milwaukee)
Allen Bradley (Milwaukee)
Johnson Controls (Milwaukee)
Mercury Marine (WI)
KI (Green Bay)
Kohler (Kohler WI)
DCI Marketing (Milwaukee)
Milwaukee Electric Tool
Motorola PCS (Libertyville IL & Chicago)
Brunswick (Chicago)
SRAM (A MIAD grad heads design group)
Baxter Healthcare (Northern IL)
Acco (Lincolnshire IL)
Thermos (Rolling Meadows IL)
Trek (Madison)


Brooks Stevens Design (Grafton)
Renquist (Racine)
Bit7 (Madison)
Design Concepts (Sun Prairie)
InForm (Sun Prairie)
Inspire Design Group (Middleton)
Insight Product Development (Chicago)
HLB (Chicago)
Ignite (Chicago)
IDEO (Chicago)
Cesaroni Design (Glenview IL)

Nice list-- you can tell CG was originally a cheesehead…

For other Chicago firms check out

If you’re in Milwaukee, you may have to do some real foot work to convice a Chicago employer that you’re worth freelancing with from so far away-- a lot of firms like to use freelancers that can come in on the drop of a hat.

Good luck.