Freelance footwear design pricing

Hey guys,

I may be landing a gig to design some athletic footwear. I have about 8 years of corporate experience but now I’m on my own freelancing. It’s a different world.

What’s the freelance rate for design concepts to first pull-overs for one athletic shoe? Lets use a trail runner for example. I would include: 4-6 rendering (upper, insole, outsole for each) , 1-2 rounds of revisions, research with material suggestions, colorways, tech package, and possible last tweaking. I’m also going to be consulting, like stopping in and presenting the work and basically being available to revise whatever is needed until the shoe looks killer.

If you feel that sharing pricing info is not a good idea on a public forum please feel free to PM me. I appreciate any advice on how to approach this.


Sounds like a more appropriate discussion for the Footwear & Softgoods forum. You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

BTW, welcome to the boards!


Thanks for the welcome and advice on where to post.

I will move the question over there.

Thanks again,