Freelance footwear design contract

Does any body know were i can get a Freelance Footwear design contract from.

Someone in the Netherlands wants me to do some drawings for them. they want to pay after they have seen all the work. but i have said that i will work per sketch. is there any other way.

Please can i get some help & pointers.

Many thanks all

I would be very careful of working for pay after completion unless it is a client you have already a good history and relationship with. Too easy to get ripped off.

You should be able to find some basic consulting contracts online.

I’d suggest that you at the very least-

  1. layout the scope and timeline of the work. be sure to note deliverables (how many sketches, etc.) and revisions/feedback process.
  2. split payments into 3 - upfront deposit before any work, 1 after a midpoint phase, the balance at the end.
  3. get a signed contract before anything starts.

a contract you make may not be 100% legally binding (im no lawyer and i know you arent either), and even more difficult to enforce working internationally, but just making one you will likely get an idea of how trustworthy the client is and hel avoid problems in the future. If they dont want to sign anything, stay away.

best of luck,


Hi , Reuben .
Is this Netherlands company called R. World ? I was contacted by them 2 days ago , with same offer (or lack of it actually ) . I think I’ll pass . Ole !

Hey Vents,

The same guy contacted me. I told him my fee and that I wanted a contract and never heard back. I didn’t want the work though- just wanted him to stop bothering me. LOL. Needless to say, the mention of money worked. This guy is trying to get some freebies IMO.

Yeah it was a guy that has some small Gangsta brand called RWorld.

If he puts his money where his mouth is i would do it.

I think people just trawl Coroflot and find designers and try and get free work, like you say.

I wait and see what he offers.

Did anyone get contacted by Hussel Premium for a competition ,about 2 months ago???


I was also contacted by him through AIM. wanted to do some type of collaboration…which to me means do work and not get paid. stay away


we have to passed to work with you because i saw the board on Coroflot you talkd about me i think if u not trust as and talking around as a bitch things cant work out sow we have to passed

best luck


My reply

Its no skin of my nose man.

Thats the way business works, money talk bullshit walk.

Cash rules everything around me!!!

Lyrics from the Wu-tang.

Deal with it


Im not going to work for free!!! thats the way it is?

Oh No! He passed on letting you do free work for him!!! You must be crushed! LOL

-What a joke.

got hitup by the same ‘samir’ too dood, don t get fooled into these set ups, I did once and got burnt soon learnt to never hand over work without payment.

I found a fairly basic contract on the internet was a good foundation and just added a few other points to make it relevant, has worked for me with some of my bigger clients ever since.


Yeah, I got contacted by him too. He must have contacted everyone that has posted a shoe on coroflot or other places. I just gently turned down the offer and wished him the best of luck on finding someone.


we have to passed to work with you because i saw the board on Coroflot you talkd about me i think if u not trust as and talking around as a bitch things cant work out sow we have to passed

best luck


for some reason i found that hilarioius!!! 1st they insult you then they hit you off with a “good luck” now that is classy…

found below my answer to this guy, Samir, who is trying to make work people for free:

Hey man

It’s like one week ago now you did contact me to work for the creation of your new brand. ok… cool… then, everyday you contact me to ask if things are going well… and the answer is ok I had started doing something… (so easy for me to do something for you because everyday I’m designing shoes, and some ideas that I have designed can be used for your brand)… but, something I didn’t understand first time and I still have this ideas in mind… this thing is it’s like a doubt about you, your parter and your brand, your logo… why?.. because since a started in the footwear business (4 years now), no one propose me a job without a contract… even in freelance… after one week, I don’t have nothing from you unless a contact by msn everyday… why?..

so let me tell you what I think about this:

  • first your starting in the business… I can say that because nobody start a business and want to employ a designer without a single contract… I mean, you’re not an organized person… If you want to make business, sorry man but in every business “be organized”, “have a schedule” is the first rule, the basic start… in design world, a single sketch could not be a real product without organization… this is bad

  • second:
    no one in the footwear industry work for free… I’m telling you that because, in my little professional experience (4 years now), I did different kind of work in footwear industries for different people… some of them gave a contract… but people who didn’t have a contract just go like “I really want to work with you… takes that (money, in cash) and if you finnish the job I will give the rest”… (it’s happen to me when I was working for a guy who have 21 years old in a graphic design project)… so, you want me to work for free?.. man, how can you start in industries like that?.. just give me a sign to trust you… do an effort… for example just tell me how much I gonna be pay when you will have the money to pay one day?.. but before that, do you know how much a designer ask for this kind of job?.. creating a new brand man is expensive man… I can I be sure that you will have enough money to support your all the adventure and my bills… yes, because designers draw every days to win money and be able to pay bills, car, children school… mmmmm… man, so bad, starting in the business without winning partners confidence is bad… very bad… do you want to finnish as your surname “Toni Montana”?.. wakes up man, you think life is hollywood?.. so bad, very, very, very bad

  • third and the last not : it’s take you one week to send me a contract by email… mmmmm… ven your cv to know who you’re… mmmmmm… even a little sentence about your brand… oulala… you’re an ambitious person (cool ) but you’re not serious (this is very bad, so bad)… building a shoe brand is like creating an enterprise… how can you lead an enterprise if you’re not organized and faster person ?.. from that my impression is you don’t know business… because how can you lose time like that?.. losing time and fashion business are two concept which can’t walk together… yes, I’m talking about fashion design because streetwear shoe design (as you want to do) is part of the fashion design industry… and if you want to win in fashion design industry, you have to be fast… strends changes as seasons fly away… seriously be faster man in the future… because, It’s like time you’re losing to send those files is time you’re loosing in creation… and that situation give me the opportunity to check your story… and the result is: your enterprise do not exist yet…
    I have been in contact with Holland industry official autority organisation… and your name is reference nowhere… even a single website… nothing… and man,Dutch national autorities are more faster than you to replay an email to guy who is living in Philadelphia… mmmmmm… ok… maybe you just starting things, and sometime things can take time to enter to the guild chamber list … ok ok ok… but I also see in different website that you’ve contacted many designer and you’re trying to make them work for free to have a compilation of ideas to exploit in the futur… mmmmmm… you’re bad… when you goes to the supermarket, to set out again with feed you pays or then you make fair promisess to security guy?.. soooooooooo bad

sorry to tell you that but design is not a joke, it’s real job… we work hard to found ideas that can make big money…plus, I have a certain age and I don’t want to lose my time with bullshit… sorry man but the only time I want to lose is the time I put to answer to you with courtesy here… takes it as you want, but I don’t want to follow you if you don’t show me more evidences…

you seem to be like those person who have a dream… but real designer like I represent work only with person who have a project…

because design is not only a nice drawing, design is not a wonderful bullshit
sorry man, be more serious, design is business…

in business words are not enough… even a jpg of a logo without official protection…more evidences or good luck…

have fun man



This is what i should have replied with.

Truly brilliant reply.

Thanks for posting this.


LOL…damn. That was a serious spanking. Personally, I don’t think that guy was even worth that much typing. But I’m glad somebody did it!