freelance ettiquette?

I have just gotten my first graphic design freelance project. He has a lot of freelancers and my first project was to make changes to a preexisting poster that one of his other freelancers had made. My problem is he never gave me a due date and he made me contact someone else to get the full files that I neede and we never had a meeting about any of this. He also just told me he has another big job he is going to be sending me. He never asked if I had time in my schedule for a second project and he did not tell me how long it would take or the dead line. I also know he has had an issue in the past paying his freelancers.

I was wondering if this is unusual ettiquette for a freelancer or if this is how it usually works???

Please help out a newbie:)

on all my graphic design work I tell them that i need half of the total up front. maybe this doesn’t work for a newbie-with maybe not so much experience? i am not aware of what you’re capable of-but you should get a time schedule-this will help both of you guys. you need deadlines-or else it will be like my one friend who was on a project that just dragged on for no reason beacuse it could have been done in two weeks ended up being two months(bad situation). If you are overwhelmed about what work he is giving you or the amount then let him know-dont take too much that you cant get the job done-that will look bad on your part-

also maybe he is getting you to do alot of work for a lil bit of pay-especially if it is known that he doesnt pay well-he might be thinking he can milk you for ideas and work and not have to pay fully-make sure you try and get some money up front.

good luck-