freelance design

i just have a quick question, can you do ur own freelance design/marketing even if u already work for a design company

short answer, no.

creates a conflict of interest not to mention its not extremely ethical

As long as you do not work with companies related to your main employers company, and do not work om similar projects as you employer does, I see no problem in doing freelance work. I do different freelance tasks in the evening for other companies, and also work on my own projects. And noone shall interfere with this. So, just get going :astonished:)

Short answer: “Yes”.

However, most contracts (many of them unenforceable, actually) prevent this and most design firms frown on it (because it might keep you from working longer hours and making them more money).

So practically speaking, the answer is “no”, but it depends on your contract and your particular working arrangement. A smart design firm would take that enthusiasm and turn it to their advantage. But most don’t.

ok thanks everyone, i just want to do my own stuff but i also want a paycheck every 2 weeks