"freelance design fees"

I have been offered a 3 month contract job at an exhibit design firm in boston. It is 40 hours/week. My fee has not yet been discussed. Does anyone know what the going rate is these days? I have bid on all projects in the past, but I don’t even know what the project is yet?


$75 - $100 per hour seems to be a professional rate if you have some experience.

That $75-$100 rate is applicable (up North at least) but not necessarily for 3-month, full-time project. You think they are willing to pay you $3k-$4k a week for 3 mos? Good luck.

A weekly rate will likely be negotiated, and my experience with the Northeast is that it will likely be in the range of $35-$45/hour, or $1400-$1800/wk.

This sounds closer to reality. $75-$100/hr f/t for a couple of days, maybe a week if you’re lucky. For extended stays, drop it or they’ll just be bringing you in for short pieces, 2 hrs of brainstorm, then go home, render these 3 then go home, etc to save money.

Thanks for the feedback…

one source of wisdom says…“he/she who mentions money first loses”… for what that is worth…
I will wait to see if they throw something out, but if not it sounds like I have my range in mind… for now…