Freelance Design Contracts

I have done freelance web and graphic design for quite a bit of time. However, I have recently taken on a job with a very internationally known client and from the volume of work as well as how much my freelance has picked up lately I feel I need to develop some sort of paper work and or contract.

I am not 100% sure where to start and was wondering if anyone else used contracts when dealing with freelance work and could possible post examples or give any guidance on writing and establishing a basic contract that can be handed out to clients.

I have done google searches and have found sample projects and was really wanting to find out what paper work is necessary and what you (those already in the field) use.



Nobody has a sample contract?

A really broad subject kershaw … lots of specialized, individualized nooks and crannies.

here’s an example

I’d suggest as a source of “legal” references.

Then there are the previous 64 hits that “contacts” generates when I plugged it into the C77 “Design Employment” search engine (above). was the URL that it generated, but it will not link to the results …
edit - I just ran that seach again and only got 2 hits for “contracts” this time?!? I don’t know whats up with that. There have been a bunch of discussion on the subject over the years.

I ran a few searches, no actual examples, just mentioning use of contracts during work.

Thanks for the link LMO

Hey kershaw.

I got the damned search to run again. A couple of sites came up …

I’ve got old books on the subject. I’ll be down at the shop later this afternoon and grab a couple.

Thanks LMO, good stuff.