Freelance creatives in Korea.

Hi Guys,

I’ve had real troubles trying to find creative talent in Korea. I pride myself on knowing designers around the world but i’m drawing a massive blank when it comes to Seoul. Could anyone help out? Does anyone know-someone-who-knows-someone?

We’re chasing some help for a creative session there and we need someone on the ground / a local speaker and i’m drawing nothing but blanks from my network.

Any help people could give would be brilliant. Thanks so much in advance.


Hi Tom…

What are you looking for? I’m in Seoul.



I’ve PM’ed Steve (although no reply!), but did any one else know any english speaking creatives in Korea? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers

Tom…apologies for the delay…

It appears not all PM message boards are created equal…and its August.

I’m in touch with a variety of resources here in Seoul. From recent design graduates to those with 2-3 years experience. I also have more mature and experienced translation resources to offer as well. For instance, one of my associates recently provided translation service to a large western telecom company that was doing demographic research in Seoul. She helped provide translation between the local subjects and the film crew.

email me with further inquiries.


Cheers Steve! I’ll send you an email now.