Freelance car sketch pricing?

I helped my friend design redesign his car and I spent 18 hours total for the job. I quoted $35/hour and he thought that that price was a little high. So what would be a more reasonable estimate for such a job? I should also mention that he has a nice Sony laptop that he’s willing to part with. I’m not in an urgent need for a backup 3D modeling/rendering PC, but it could be nice.

What do you guys think?

At $35 per hour you’re giving it away…

you didn’t agree on something beforehand? your friend, probably thought you were doing it for fun/free. charging after the fact seems a little sketchy to me. he is your friend, right? and ya, $35 an hour is nothing, so if he can’t handle that, don’t even bother. it’s more insulting to get less than do it for free, IMHO. consider it a lesson learned.


I agree with R. Always quote before you work!! Are you and your friend right out of school in you early 20’s? If so your friend and sound like you as well had no idea what design work is worth. That may be why he is now at a bit of sticker shock.

Bottom line (and i’ve said this many times). You are only worth what someone is willing to pay. Period. It’s up to both you and the client to agree to this and the power is equally shared.


I agree, either charge $60-$200 an hour or do it for free.