freehand lettering exercises

does anyone have any pdf’s or websites i can print handouts from? I searched for this but can’t seem to find much on this forum. I’m taking a rapid viz class over the summer and want to get ahead start on this. I’m a ID student and have noticed that bad lettering takes away from a great sketch.

80 views and no one has an old lettering assignment?

just write this over and over until you develop your own style that you like


At first it will feel like you’re drawing each letter, but after a while it’ll feel more natural. There’s really not much else to it.

I Googled hand lettering. There some stuff that might be of help there.

check this thread for some good references-


Search 'architectural hand lettering". Look here:

Practice, practice, practice!!!

You can always make your own font by scanning in your own hand writing.

This might sound silly, but I practice my hand lettering doing the crosswords in the newspaper every morning. Hey- I’ve noticed an improvement and expanded my trivial knowledge all at once.