Free streams for watching chinese language TV online

I’m still a student at university now. My major is English, but I do love Chinese. Two of my friends at high school told me much about Chinese songs with romantic melodies and meaningful words. That’s why I started an extra class in Chinese last year. But in this class, we only focus on grammar and speaking. Therefore I’m so happy to find out these websites where I can find so many interesting things about lifestyle, culture and people in China. They are

If somebody knows some other ways to improve Chinese skills, please share!


Good Good Study ,Day Day Up.
you can try to read some poems ,special Tang poem,it is very beatiful and can help you learn Chines culture deeply.


if you have any queries on Chinese you are free to ask me.
PM me if you are interested.


It has thousands of TV shows, movies, etc. All streaming and free.

They are in English, but the subtitles are in some oriental language. I do not know Chinese, so I do not know if the subtitles are, in fact, chinese. Maybe it could help though.