I promise you this is true. Unfortunately, you can only download the PC version, the Mac version is not available yet. You also need to be a registered college student to download this version.

Here are the steps…

  1. go to

  2. create an account, and that will be that.

  3. Downloaded the program (you will have to create another user name and password, which will be different from the one that you used to download the product)

Let me know if you guys have any questions, or if it doesn’t work out for you!

Also, this is not a trial version…it is the real deal.

Anyone confirm this is full version of 2010?

Yes, it is the full version.

For those of you who want to run the Mac version, until the download is provided directly on the Portal, I would recommend downloading the Mac trial.

You can use the same activation codes that you are given from the Student Portal to activate either Mac or Windows versions.

FYI, based on the Licensing Agreement that you ‘accept’ when you run/install the program, you are allowed to have multiple installs, but that those installs are on personal machines and not shared with others.