free schooling (or almost)

Hello. I’ve heard many times that going to Umea is virtually free. Is it government subsidied? What other schools in Europe are almost free? (good schools for ID masters, transportation masters, etc). I really dont see a benefit other than sharpening my skills and adding to my portfolio to do a masters in design, so if i do, i dont want to pay much for it.

I have european citizenship, if it helps.

All universities in Sweden so you can maybe look at these:

Chalmers University of Technology, Automotive Industrial Design Engineering,
School of Design and Crafts at Göteborg University, Classic ID program,
University College of Arts and Design, Classic ID program,

Sweden is a great option for design studies indeed.

Considering the facts that:

Education is free:
In Sweden, with few exceptions, tuition fees for students are fully subsidised by the state, regardless of their nationality. Sweden’s public spending on education is the OECD’s highest, at 4.9% of GDP. And because it costs to live in Sweden, foreign students can work while studying.

English is spoken by all:
Almost all Swedes speak fluent English. Many Swedish companies use English as their official working language. Foreign students find that this prevalence of English makes adapting to their new surroundings much easier.

Note that:

Although a growing number of undergraduate courses have been made available in English in order to make them more accessible, embarking on a full undergraduate programme is not an option for most foreign students. This is because for the most part these programmes require a very good command of written and spoken Swedish.

As kindly explained on:

I’m thinking over it myself.

What’s been said about Sweden is pretty much true for the rest of the Scandinavia. If I were you, I’d consider at least Finnish schools too.

oh man thanx for the info. What about affordable programs in other parts of europe, like spain, france, italy, etc?