Free online Design Magazines?


I just started my studies in product design (for those who remember, 1 and half year ago I was with a dilemma: I’m finishing my Molecular Biology degree but I really wanted to do is design. Now… although I’m still in the beginning I believe I made the best choice in the world).

I moved to london and things are not cheap over here. So I’m planning to save money by NOT (frequently) buying any magazines. But I can’t live without their inspirations and without information. So I’ll be spending much time in my Uni Library (which has a good variety of magazines).

But I’m also looking for any free online magazines that someone could suggest to me. Design in general (graphics, web, interior, architecture, industrial, you name it).

did you check out any of these

thanks for both of you.

I’ve been following coolhunting for quite some time but not the other web sites.

no prob.

Also check: