free money for graduate school?

hello there everyone. We my story goes as follows, i graduated from college, in orlando fl, got a job at a nice vfx firm in nyc. Economy went into the pooper and i got laid off. So i moved back to orlando with my fiancee and have been looking for work down here. Orlando is completely dried up and to be honest i think some of the studios dont want to hire me bc my work may make me look expensive.

anyways ive always thought about going back to school for a masters in industrial design, but i really cant afford to go into 10-100k in debt right now. And it seems it might be a good move to get a higher education so i can stave off this crappy economy long enough to be able to work consistently. So im wondering, is there any free money out there? i thought with the gov throwing masses of money at the economy there might be something in there for people trying peruse a higher education.

I know a lot of engineering schools work on the bases that you do research for the school and they pay for your education along with some meager funds that go directly to you. I haven’t heard this happening with industrial design… but maybe it does somewhere

if anyone could provide any insight that would be great.


in Universities it’s typicall to teach or do research in exchange for tuition and stipend - but only the second year. If you have a skill they need desperatly you could work both years.
With lots of people in the same boat you may have to do your homework to find a school that matches your skill set