Free MBA- Making the most of it

I’ve read through pages and pages of discussions on MBA’s here on Core. My situation is a little different though. I’m looking for advice on making the most of this opportunity or possibly avoiding it all together.

My wife is an adjunct teacher at an area college, it’s a mediocre school with primarily online-based programs. I’m sure you know the type. Regardless, one of the perks is free tuition for spouses. I’ve been interested in the MBA before this opportunity came up, but expected to do it a bit later in my career ( I have about 3 years professional experience).

-Why I’m interested in the MBA: I’d like continue pursuing entrepreneurship or use that interest in leadership to be in a creative director type of role. I also have interest in Design Research, but my experience is slowly pulling me away from that area.

-My current employer is excited by my initiative and has expressed this would advance my place in the company. They have mentioned multiple times about growing me into a leadership position.

  1. The options for emphasis that I am considering are Custom Degree or Marketing. Personally, I’m leaning towards custom as I can use it to better understand areas of business I’m less familiar with. Should I give more consideration to Marketing?

  2. The school/program would not be a top choice, but doing this part-time and saving 30-50k on the degree leaves me feeling obligated to do it. Could this program reflect poorly on my Resume? Any major downside to this? I thought about transferring mid-way through, but I’m not guaranteed any credits will transfer.

  3. Any other advice ? Just trying to make the most of this opportunity.


in pre-recession times I once read the US pumps out 50k MBA’s /year.
unless it’s a top name school, it’s not going to matter much where you get the degree, it’s how you use it.

Rumor is has been an MBA lends credibiltiy to clients as a freelancer/startup. but I’d think if you’d be in line for a corporate design directorship one day, that’d help out then too.

Thanks no spec! Sounds encouraging

No_Spec is right, within the corporate world they like to see MBA’s in conjunction with ID degree’s to move up to Director / VP levels. It provides the company with a sense of security that you better understand the business side, and that you are formally trained within it.

I have long thought about getting either my Masters or a MBA still weighing it out…

What is the school that you would get your MBA from?

Chevis- Minnesota School of Business