free lancing. how does payment by client fit the design proc

hi i wanted to know from the guys who are into free lancing about what is the usual mode and process of payment they adhere to when interacting with clients, like “Design brief - concepts - payment- finalisation by client- detailing by7 designer- final payment”?

or else it is the lumpsum amount? do u charge per concept also?

plz help

For first time clients ask for some percentage up front as a guarantee on the project. Once they show that they are good for the work and send more over I usually go to a standard invoice due no later than 15 days after project completion.

Once you trust them, if they are a regular client, I charge per hour then invoice on the last day of the month, on a monthly basis…

the issue i am facing is thata, though they have enlisted 8 projects (product/ graphic) for us, they seem to be oblivious of the fact that logo is one of the most important part of the corporate image of their co. They feel, product is superior to graphi design and that graphic design happens very easily and that logo is just a scribbling on paper. hence it need not be paid for in the same penny as the product design. However, we feel logo and corp id design i9s much more serious and difficult to do and must be taxed for.

We are still to have a dialogue with them on this account (formal), but yes we have kind of divided their payment into two halves. one payable after we give them the concepts and they choose one. Second, when we provide them dimensional drgs,etc

Is it a wise proposition o our part?