Free lance pay ID

We are developing our first product to market. Looking to hire a free lance Industrial designer. What is a fair all inclusive free lance fee to develop a product from concept through to manufacturing?


It will be very dependent on the needs of the individual project. I would suggest contacting a number of freelance/consultant designers and have them submit proposals to you after learning more about the project.

Thanks for your reply. Do you recommend any good design web sites wher eyou can post free lance ID jobs? is your best bet for design job postings, but you’ll get a VERY large number of responses. Just a warning if that’s not what you’re looking for.

If you’re strictly looking for freelance designers and not a full-fledged design consultancy I would suggest going to and searching the portfolios in the system and narrowing your search to designers who do freelance work. You can take a look at some of the work they have posted and decide for yourself who to contact.

Here a direct link to the search page:

What are the top US Industrial Design Firms?

You can search this discussion board and find references to lots of firms, and Coroflot will provide you with a list as well. You seem to be relatively unfamillar with the product development world based on your other post about the need for a mechanical engineer, so I would suggest contacting some designers or firms to talk more specifically about your needs.