[FREE] Itoya art portfolios (San Diego, CA)

Hey guys,

Thought this would be the best place to post this…

I have a ton of used itoya art portfolios (various sizes: 8.5x11in > 11x17in) from my college days that are just laying around collecting dust. If anyone is interested please take them off my hands! I have no use for them… They are all in great condition and all my personal work have already been removed from them.

I live in San Diego, so if anyone wants them, we can meet up at coffee shop nearby.
Available until stock runs out!

P.S. I would prefer to donate to students as I know art supplies can get expensive quickly!
But anyone student or not is free to take them.


Post it on Craigslist, you won’t believe how quickly people will be at your door for free stuff, even if they have no idea what it is.

Didn’t realize you live in SD. I’m in Encinitas.