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I’m bored with alot of what I see posted on the net. I see the same designs float from one source to another to another. And too often they’re not anything especially unique. I know lots of you are doing cool stuff and don’t really have a way to get it out there.

So if some of you want to get a little exposure, I’m planning on posting student or independent design work on my blog every Friday. I get about 400 visits a day (and climbing fast) and some of the people who visit include the Wired Sr. Editor Chris Anderson (of The Long Tail), Phillip Torrone of MAKE, Bruce Nussbaum, a few design firm principal’s I know, some senior level designers for name brand corporations, aso.

I posted about it today ( ). I’m not sure if I’ll have a standard format yet. I probably should. Maybe just a link to a Corefolio would work along with an image or two and a name.

Anyway, send me an IM. I can’t guarantee I’ll post everyone’s work. Only the stuff I really like and would be happy to promote.

RETRACTED due to lack of interest.

I can’t guarantee I’ll post everyone’s work. Only the stuff I really like and would be happy to promote.

you’re so kind…

Take it or leave. I pay the bill.

On second thought, if that’s how people feel, maybe I should just retract this.

This isn’t an attack on you, so much as a possible guess at an explanation,you may have done better offering to post it on core itself which has greater visibility and exposure, don’t you think?

I contribute items that are not potentially seen as self-serving.

I hear you csven. It’s a generous offer, and I’m sure plenty will bite. :wink:

This is an interesting thread… I’d ask what is self serving and when, also in relation to core’s function, where do we know to draw the line, w.r.t. design? Were someone to send you something really cool, would you not post it on core? should core have a list of guidelines, like metafilter, on what to post and what to link to? I usually check will allan if I have doubts on whatever I’m posting and go ahead after his say so, but if volumes increase, does that make sense as the best approach? I’d love to read opinions on this subject

I didn’t say there was anything self-serving, Niti. I said “potentially seen as self-serving”. Not the same thing.

As to your question regarding posting to Core first: Not necessarily. I primarily post Technology items on Core. Not portfolio pieces. I’ve often come across items you and others have posted after I’ve already seen them online. The GMC Pad being the most recent example (though I didn’t bother posting my entry until after, because a) I forgot about it and b) Core used the same image as BW, and I’d previously discovered other images elsewhere - see my entry: ).

As to guidelines: I recently spoke to Allan. While I’ll probably post more items under other headings, my primary focus will continue to be on Technology. On my own blog, I cover ID, but a bit differently than Core. I’ve focused on niche product design (e.g. urban vinyls, niche handbags, aso), rapid-prototyping and virtual worlds. It’s the fusion of those things that’s of interest to me. So I’m just as likely to discuss the business of ID as design itself. On occasion I like to post fun stuff (my thinking and my posts can be rather dry at times and I understand that). Now, I can post car concepts from CGTalk or CDN (which I’ve done) or I can post concepts from students and indy designers. I’d like to have some options. I say as much in my blog entry linked above.

Let me give you a sample case. Anyone remember this design?

I saw that idea back around '97. I worked with a designer who was doing the exact same thing. He even entered it into a rendering competition and it was featured in a CAD magazine. He got a provisional patent on it and was looking for ways to move it forward into production. But he was still too green and too poor. He’s a much better designer now. Working NYC. But most likely no one here has heard of him or seen his concept. And that bothers me.

Couple of examples:

I found someone’s vehicle concept in a portfolio:

And just wanting something neat, I posted the photograph’s of this talented person: (I’ve corresponded with her since and have told her some options she might have for getting her work out to people).

anybody offering free ct scan

Good question…by the look of your other posts, and CAD work I think you need one…as well as a free sample of RISPERDAL.

Retracted. One response from over 250 views (from which I do intend to show something in the future) isn’t enough for a weekly showcase.

Well I will say this…you’ve got a good extensive list of links…

I’d get rid of the page views stat all-together.

I alway get frustrated when I read stuff like “250 views and no responses” etc… Do we really all have to respond? I clicked on the link to see if the conversation was of interest to me. Personally I think it’s a great idea but I work for a consultancy and we already get a bit of press. I assume (and agree) that you would prefer submissions from people who aren’t already getting some press. I’d proably have to clear it with “marketing” anyway.

I generally read most posts that are on the main core page. If I replied to every single one I’d have to retire. -Or at least get a job wherever UFO and Deez work.

i’ll print that and hang it on the wall.

I’m unsure what you mean. For me it’s a simple matter of having enough submissions to make it a regular thing. I’ve received one submission/response after perhaps 100+ real views of this thread. That doesn’t bode well. But not an issue. I can promote other people. CGTalk is full of them. Lack of interest here doesn’t really bother me.