"Free" design books

As you get old, you downsize. So for the cost of shipping with media mail (about the cheapest option out there), I would like to offer some books. No worries if no interest, they will be donated to the local used book store next. Books come in the bunch they are in, I’m too lazy to split, sorry. PM me your address and we can sort the details.

2 Starck and 1 Eames books

“Creativity” books

Industrial design books

Graphis books, 5 packaging, 2 ID, 1 letterhead, 1 annual

You might be able to donate them to the students down in the ID program at UIC as well? If no one on here snags them.

I still have my battered copy of Design & Rendering Techniques!

Hey iab, just posted this to the blog, you should be able to unload 'em in no time. Drop a line once they’re gone, and I’ll take the post down so you don’t keep getting messages. Thanks!

  • Rain

Thanks for the shout out.

“Once they’re gone …” Ha. Books are the new records, but at the obsolete stage, not the hipster stage, yet.