Free and safe portfolio hosting

Does anyone out there know who else besides Coroflot will host portfolio’s for designers that is free of charge. I feel like I have searched every where yet I’m having no luck. I’m new out here and I just want to market myself a bit. Ya know?

Nia :smiley: [/b]

if you have an isp you usually give you some webspace for free. The only problem is that the URL will be long, like You can register a decent URL elsewhere and then use a redirection service that will redirect people who type in your domain name to your free website. You will still pay for the domain name registration and the redirection service, but you will save a little bit on hosting. Ultimately this is not totally transparent to the person visiting your site – it’s probably OK for a college student looking for an internship.

Otherwise… just spring for the hosting – last I checked you can get it for about $10 a month. Beg borrow, cheat, steal or charge it on you significant others credit card (unless they are a newbie designer too in which case they won’t have a credit card and you will need to dump them and date a lawyer). I mean seriously, as they say you have to spend money to make money.


Is this popular? Doesn’t seem like a majority of designers have their own sites.

is this necessary? If you are looking for a full time gig a free core folio seems sufficient, if you are a freelancer, your own site is a good place to direct potential clients you meet while networking.

You get a bit more space here:
I’ve seen a few core regulars post their portfolio there.

but it is slower.

I personally have been asked a couple times in the interview process if I had a website to get further information, and I didnt have one and I felt kind of un professional. It seems like having a website is as common as having a business card.

I think for seniors in college it might be a good idea to start looking into getting a website, but also if you cant design one get someone else too, maybe a fellow peer could help you out, just because you have a website i think that doesnt always mean that it is helpful, something to keep in kind. Also i think that these days everything is about branding. I look at myself as a brand and so everything about me to my envelopes to my business card to website i want to have a consistant theme and look this way it looks solid and professional, also a bit corporate. I have set a goal to get my website up before I graduate-

these things take time like putting together a portfolio and should be well thought out

IanVV is correct-last time I check ( my friend did ) was last yr and was 10 bucks a month.

++ also students a lil something maybe to look into at your schools is that most schools will give you webspace if you ask for it -but then your link is usually like blah blah

so maybe try to put together a site while still in school and try and use it to land a nice internship for maybe freelance before u out – could always use that experience

Brinkster has free webhosting, thats what i used while in school

I have been using in Cali since I graduated and it has been well worth it. They have really cheap monthly plans and the service is rock solid.

I think that on top of having a corefolio it is always a good idea to have a separate site where you can put as much info as needed. Plus I find that having a separate email account that is non-work, non-school, looks way more professional. Whenever I look through the firms listings on Coroflot I am startled at the number of professionals that are using hotmail, aol, etc email addresses.

Also I find it more useful to have a site to play with because I do both industrial design and interaction design. When I want to do experiments with Flash or programming its nice to have a place to put it all. I also think that like someone else stated, it is becoming an expected thing to have by almost everyone. I’m not saying that you need to spend 100 hours building a flash heavy, php backed supersite with every scrap of work on it but a little something would be nice that shows that you can do creative layouts and don’t have to rely on the automatic formatting of coroflot.