Frankfurt Show

Looks like the auto industry has money again:

That SLK seems to grow up just a little bit each year. One day she’s going to be just like her big brother the SL :slight_smile:

I’m not so keen on the 911 redesign. I think the character line across the rear lights and engine cover is too strong. I can see how they’re referencing the 918 Sypder concept, but it looks a little heavy handed in the photos. Maybe it works in person. The placement of the fog lights on the front is odd too. I’m not sure why they intersect with the front air intakes like that. It ruins the flow around the front bumper. It starts crisp near the wheel well, but then gets soft as it wraps around the nose…I’ll be very curious to see all these form tweaks in person

ё-концепт - YouTube!

Interesting door opening system on the yo auto??? Seems to me its pretty complex and slow…

Not really a fan of the beetle concept, I liked it more when it was a real female car. Now its just a bit of both… Pity. The long front also looks rather strange.

Love the Volkswagen Nils concept

Man, Yo! has his own concept car. Jeez, where does he find the time!

I want to apologize to Europe for the Lancia Favia. You deserve better (and so do we).

Fisker Surf (station wagon Fisker). Wow, this thing is ugly. Bizarre proportions and really busy rear end. Too much celebration going on at Fisker HQ.

Ford Focus ST. Man, we (north Americans) get screwed again. That’s what a Focus should look like.

Porsche: They are going to Olympian feats to prove they are the laziest designers in the world. Or, maybe the 911 is just that hard to improve on?

I was reading some story where they actually attributed the 911 design to a specific person. I was pretty sure they just used a CATIA macro.

Re: the new 911: I’m not a fan of the catfish wisker like indicator lights on the front bumper, nor the seemingly random reflectors that don’t align with anything on the rear bumper, and fussy rims… And of course those are some of the biggest changes! The rear deck lip that connects the tail lamps I think might be very nice and more subtle in person.

Ha! make911smchange

The worst part is that Porsche finally got the 911 right again with the 997. The '97-2005 996 was too cheap inside and the outside had too many oddball details on it. The 997 tightened everything up by simplifying it and boosted the interior into the 21st century. Can’t help but this new one is another step back. Having said that, Porsche will be rolling in orders for a decade more at least.