Frankfurt show

A running list of what I’m down with, and what I’m not.

Stuff I love:

What bums me out a bit:

The etron is weak. Renault has played it way too conservative lately. This electric car is just the last example.

Those Volkswagens are definitely nice. The Up is getting to be a little too Polo for me. I prefer how radical the first protos were. The little two seater with inline seating is very nice. An evolution of the 2 liter cars they’ve been showing for a few years.

That Peugeot is so weird, but I can’t stop staring. Something is going on.

Definitely weak execution on the E-tron (and terrible name, too…) Why not call it the E8 or something? Those wheels… ugh! And I’m a totaly Audi fanboy. The bugatti is pretty amazing, but sadly I’m sure it’s life is destined for Rap videos.


I can’t get over the Peugeot. Looks like my old pug Jeeves.

Audi kind of phoned in the E-Tron.

News is still trickling in. I was pretty impressed with the Renault concept cars, love the new ZOE The profile and door openings are quite surprising to me (in a good way). The Fluence could work if it were toned-down a little. And c’mon, they’re presenting 4 (four!) concepts, that’s a feat in itself.

I can’t get over that Audi, it is very unlike them.

I feel like if you placed it next to an R8 it would look like a kit car Lambo sitting next to a real Countach.

There are so many things wrong with the detail work, each by itself might seem like nitpicking, but all together they’re kind of unignorable.

Surprising from Audi…

Wow, I’m down with this. Super nice!

I want the new VW GTI R20 so bad.

Hot interior, hot exterior, and they finally ditched the slow V6 for a proper hot hatch turbo 4 with AWD.

First car I’ve seen in the past 2 years that was actually something that made me all around say “I will buy that”.

Is it wrong that I like this?

Reminds me a lot of the squareback.

It looks like it is pretty good 914.

Still loving these two:

I think I would buy an L1.