is my personal work and im starting a new business

but the site is still in the works.
what do ya think?

I find it almost impossible to use/navigate either of your sites. The pages take too long to load. It is very unclear what the purpose is of either of your sites, and I doubt many people (if any) would appreciate visiting your site and being called a ‘son of a bitch’

You obviously have some artistic talents but they are being seriously hindered by poor usability and tone of voice.

I would agree with jamboy, in that I am not sure what the purpose of your site is. What type of job are you pursuing? You mention that you are starting a new business, but in what? I am slightly intrigued by the name and description of your website, but I am wondering how it relates to your body of work.

I am also wondering why you would list fashion design as a capability if you only have one project and it is simply an image of you holding yourself. I am left thinking that you are trying to make a joke of the fashion industry.

It seems as though you are trying to get a similar response from your “architecture” project. You post one project that is simply one image of a poorly constructed study model fashioned out of photocopies and popcicle sticks.

All of your works need to have some sort of description. Just as I am unsure of the purpose of your site, I am also unsure of the purpose of your projects. I don’t want to come down too hard on you because I am intrigued by your work, but I am left scratching my head, wondering if you are even serious.

HAHA, I like the single pixel drawings. What inspired that idea?

I liked the site. I think hes just trying to show the many areas of interest he has. Granted, the fashion and architecture sections might be a stretch but other than that the site is good.

Your fine art work is the strongest.

to respond to the first couple of choadles… i figured that considering this section is the ‘portfolio section’ my sites would be understood as such. (i just finished an overhaul on the supermarket.) - the goal was to make all the work easily accessible. click-boom-project. the 14sf site needs an overhaul… it was my first site and unfortunately its been pushed to the back of the line…

i understand the complaint concerning the obviousness of the purpose of the site, to some degree. but once you click on a project you see that its a catalogue of work. im not gonna tell you what its about… just click and find out.

anyhow the single pixel drawings were inspired by a show called ‘small’. i wanted to make somehting as small as i possibly could… and in a digital medium, its a pixel.

thanks for checking the stuff.
and the popcicle comment was funny. keep it up.