Foundation Year at Pratt

Hey guys, im a frequent visitor of the site but this is my first time posting. I just started my foundation year at Pratt heading into the ID department. How were peoples experiences during foundation year? What advice would you give to get the most out of my classes so next year Im in a good place? As of now I love my 3-d class, working on a geodesic dome, but my figure drawing classes i dont love as much?
Any and all advice is apreciated.

I went to RISD, but it also has a rigorous fine arts based foundation year. Absorb as much as you can. If you are struggling with figure drawing, you may struggle with skething sophomore year so spend even more time on it instead of focusing on your strengths. Build up your weak spots.

Observe and check out presentations/projects etc. done by juniors, sophomores and seniors. See where the bar is set, as well as use them as good peer mentors. You will most likely learn more from your peers than your instructors.

I did my foundation year at Pratt in 98 and loved most of it. Go walk through the ID studios and get inspired to draw. Look at the best drawings in your class and on the 4th floor walls and get inspired. Drawing especially, is a craft that takes a lot of hours to get good at, so relish the 6-8 hours you might get to spend on one drawing. Work hard in 3D class, Pratt’s ID 3D program curriculum is very very good. 95% of ID students and even ID professionals won’t ever “get it”, but it’s the real deal. Go start looking at that stuff now to give it time to sink in. PM if you want.

Really insightful stuff, thank you guys. I actually had drawing class today which i enjoyed somewhat. Its crazy how much time can go into a drawing and it still wont look finished.
I liked that part about focusing on my weaknesses then my strengths and will try to live by it.
Also visited all 2 floors of the ID department, wow. Snapped photos of stuff i really liked and drooled over the wood workshop.