Foundation student portfolio review needed

Hi guys!

Just finished work on my portfolio after year of foundation in Central Saint Martins. I will be applying to internships in London this summer so need your advice before I start.
Language corrections will be appreciated as well.


Thank you very much in advance!

Guys, is it that bad or something wrong with a link?

It’s not a link unless you can click it, copy paste still works though … That said I’d probably consider issuu over google docs, due to the colour problems you have already noted.

It’s not bad, though it’s not great either. I seldom look at foundation level portfolios, but, overall, from what I’ve seen your work is on a similar level to what first years tend to produce. I think your presentation is pretty good, but your projects come across as a bit flat and shallow. I think this is pretty common among new design students as theres more focus on developing design skills rather than design intent, and the projects tend to reflect that. From what I can see you are getting on well, but you also have some way to go before you have an exciting portfolio. (I still very much think you should apply for internships, though I wouldn’t get my hopes up for that killer consultancy, save that for year 2 or 3 :wink: )

Sorry for the lack of specific feedback, but I think you are better off designing and producing more work right now, rather than polishing your portfolio. Don’t worry, you are doing good.

Thanks for comments!

I reupload it to issuu now. Awaiting offers from Cupertino now :slight_smile:

I think I lack manufacture knowledge a lot. That’s why I am looking forward for internship to get myself involve in any role at production.

Any more advice? On what particular area I should focus?

Well like hiower stated, the biggest shortcoming in your portfolio isn’t your skills, but the depth of the projects which is understandable because that’s really what design school teaches you. The skills are all there (sketching, prototyping, model making) so while you always stand to improve there, you’re where you should be for foundation IMO, but really if you want to push your portfolio further, your projects would need more depth, more story behind them. The portfolio itself has good simple layout. If you’d like maybe some advice, for the pages where you don’t have a photo of your sketches on your desk, maybe consider porting them into something like Photoshop and laying them out nicely.

Thank you for all the feedback.

Any advice how to improve depth of products?

Hey Beijinger19

I think it’s a really solid start. I thought the first lamp/phone dock/bookshelf is pretty cool project and well rounded off in terms of research, process and final prototype. The slip cast lamp isn’t really doing anything for me, especially since it is immediately following the other lamp. If I was going to keep it I might add another project to put in between the two and beef up the slip cast one by showing a more resolved final design, right now it feels a little dull and unresolved.

The desk project has nice process and thinking but I think you’d really need to build it, if not full scale, 1/4 scale, or do some really great renderings of it in an environment that really show it in it’s glory, right now the projects seems to end without a bang and final renders feel lifeless.

What type of internship are you targeting? If you are thinking consultancies it would be great to show more breadth of product type as others have mentioned. I know it’s hard starting out since you will have limited larger projects but at this stage I think it’s more that ok to even include a couple extra pages at the end that are just examples of your skillset, could be sketches of random products, explorations in CAD, more refined sketch renders etc. I found during a lot of my internship interviews that those couple pages at the end got as much attention or talk as the larger projects, because they show you’re not a one trick pony and that you’re still versatile and willing to tackle a new area.

You’re interviewing as an intern so often times you are going to be hired on your thinking ability and your ability to visualize those ideas to clients/marketing so make sure your portfolio is doing your skillset justice.

Good luck on the search