foundation portfolio for ECIAD? Am I good enuff?

hey I was wondering if anyone had went to, applied at or is going Emily Carr in Vancouver?

If so, my question for you is how competitive is the art portfolio for first year “foundation”? Just how good does your artwork have to be? I’m currently working hard on getting my academic requirements done and have not had much spare time to better my portfolio. Here’s some pics of some of the work I plan to include Shaw Communications . If anyone could give me some tips or advice to better my chances of getting into the school that’d be great. Thanks yall.


As you or someone else posted, ECIAD has a art design mix for the portfolio reviews i think.

  • I would show more 3-D work if you want to go into ID.
  • Not too sure about some of the things like the footprint? Too photoshoppy?

But then again I’m have no experience at ECIAD. Keep up the good work, nice site though!!

cool thanks for the input.

yeah the footprint probably won’t go in, it’s just a logo (F2), I might put in my original sketches for it though.

As for the art/design mix. Maybe I better look into that. My assumption was that since it was a first year “art” foundation that you submit more art then design, but then the next year when you apply for your Major you include more of your specialty stuff. Hmmmm. Well thanks and any more comments would be greatly appreciated!

i wouldnt say that you should or have to submit more art than design, but you dont have to worry so much about sending work that relates primarily to your intended major. if you get in to foundation, you will have to apply to your major again at the end of the year. if in your application you indicate that all you want is to major in design, then it may be wise to include more design work, though i think it would be advisable to present an open mind and wide body of work when applying.

whether you will get in, i cant say. to be honest, i have seen a lot stronger work and a wider range from students graduating from high school, so whether you get in may depend on how many and what the quality of the applicants is this year. you will most likely be competing against students that have been studying art all of their high school years, not just having taken one class. your paintings lack depth…you could punch that with a bit of contrast. i wouldnt recommend including the line grid pattern piece, it doesnt say anything interesting. your computer work shows inexperience with the medium, and that is ok, but you should avoid including too many pieces like that and i agree that you should get rid of the foot, and probably the ‘welcome’ piece. the photograph is ok, and i think that you could include a couple more to show that you are experimenting. in general, your work does not show any conceptual artistry. if that is the best/all of your work, you need to produce more before applying. give it a shot, you have potential and going to emily carr will build that. and dont give up if you dont get in right away.

a comment about your website, graphically it is very mature for a high school student (and more so than your art work) but your navigation is horrible. you could fix this pretty easily by indicating the target of the box link on a mouse rollover.

i wouldn’t say your gauranteed to get accepted with that portfolio…i have seen some really good artist not make it in. Does eciad still have a portfolio project? When i had applied they asked you to show them “a day in your life”

Anyway, have you attended the national portfolio day at eciad? it would be very helpfull to get some initial feedback on your work. When i went they really liked loose, fast and abstract work…a still life here or there is okay but creativity is more important than skills…

thanks again everyone, I’ve decided to remove some things, and add some others. I’ve also got a few new projects on the go. I’ll upload my new portfolio when it’s ready, I look forward to the comments!


oh and btw no ECIAD doesnt do the “map your week” project anymore, kinda unfortunate, I had a great idea.