Forum's New Look...

Interesting new look!

It needs to pass the sleep on it test for me. It was quite shocking logging in to the new look. I will reserve judgement for a day or two.

The font all over the site is HUGE!. And I’m using 1680x1050 atm.

Its not too bad, i supposed it has to tie in with the branding on core77 main page.

However with phpbb there is really not much else they can do in terms of design.

I don’t know anything about skateboarding, can I stay a moderator anyway?

I don’t know anything about skateboarding, can I stay a moderator anyway?

ha! my thoughts exactly…


Hmm…I’ll have to talk to my pillow about this one, as the saying goes.

Initially, I do miss the orange logo and theme but we’ll have to see about how the “skater theme” or Halloween logo impresses on me.

It’s different, but I don’t hate it.

I do think the top UI is a bit overbearing though. 5 seperate rows of content is a bit heavy.

all sort of spacing …is just messed up everywhere…
these emticons on the left of “post a reply” are crushed… :frowning:
They will be changing these blue & orange buttons ???

`You know I am a honest guy: (read: harsh)

I don´t have to ask my pillow.

I hate the new look.

It clearly is a step backwards. Different is not always better.
This “new” skate catalog outfit will never last 13 years.

You can quote me on that in the year 2021…

If you want to show everything that you´ve learned on one
piece it´ll always look shit.

Now, bash me.

yours mo-i

The current board style and layout is temporary and will be updated in the near future.


After sleeping on it, I am on the same page as mo-i.

I will reserve any further comments until the official unvailing.

Strange way to approach it though. Why not just keep everything the same until the big change? Why cause consternation twice?

I normally like change, but this is just horrible. the main site and the forum, its very hard to distnguish what is going on, and picking information up quickly. Especially the forum bit on the front of the website, it used to stand out and be easy to see new topics, now its just hard.

I think it’s funny that everyone thought “skateboarder” when they saw the new look. And me (a skateboarder), I thought black+white+gothic=newspaper -

Added some padding so things won’t be so ‘smushed’

hehe I’m still wondering where the “skateboard” look is… and yeah I initially was reminded of a newspaper when I first saw the update.

The Logo has a Thrasher/Skate and Destroy/ Old Bones Brigade/Dogtown feel.

It has that same Chisel tip pen Graff hand-style feeling.

well, i’m still having some issues carried over from yesterday…

1.) the new site is taking about 30 seconds to 1 minute to fully load on separate occassions.

2.) i think there should be a “button” returned to where the list of current discussions is posted…otherwise you have to scroll all the way to the top to click the “discussions” button if there’s nothing specifically in the list I want to jump to.

3.) but mostly i do like the new site…mostly…

Is the font supposed to display so poorly, or am I supposed to have to adjust my browser settings? Otherwise, I dig the redo… especially the tab roller at the top.

Where are the daily job postings that used to be in the right hand side over the blog. Being someone that is thinking of changing jobs this was nice to see everyday.

weir, mine looks totally different…
like this:
I’m using safari on a mac.