Forum Is Invisible When Not Logged In

I noticed today that the forum cannot be seen when visiting the page as a guest. It’s entirely blank. I guess most of us haven’t noticed due to automatic login.

I know this isn’t the right section to post this in, but I figure it’s serious enough to warrant posting in the main forum to make sure it gets seen. Mods, feel free to move or delete this topic…

hmm, thanks, I haven’t noticed that and I’ve been logged out recently. I’ll test it out and send to c77 HQ.

Same experience for me the last couple of days – I thought it might have been a server problem. I logged in to see if that made a difference and everything appeared. Guess it’s not a server problem.

Ok. Thanks fellas. We seem to be having some other issues as well. Something is going on. We will get to the bottom of it.

Please keep letting us know if you see anything else.

Should be fixed.