Forum Avatars?

Hi, I actually kind of a dumb question

Whats the best way to reduce an image small enough (6kb) to use it as a profile avatar here? I reduced some really basic images in photoshop, but when they got to under 20kbs, they looked like crap

I have totally forgotten if there is a better way, any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks for not laughing too badly at my waning computer skills


using photoshop, save for web, and make the settings for about 60% quality in JPG format. That should reduce the file size to under 10K easily.

In general if you reduce more than 10% at a time you will get lousy results.

Save for the web may work but if you really want the best results you should optimize your images for the web in ImageReady. (ImageReady is an application that you get with photoshop.)