Forum App for iPhone/iTouch?

Hello guys/girls,

do you know of any good App specific for forum browsing that works well with this forum?

I tried one in the past (don’t remember the name) but this forum didn’t work… I was told that the forum administrator had to install some kind of special software module…


It seems to work just fine on the iphone. Some of the tinier buttons take practice to hit, but I haven’t had any big issues. I’ve even posted a few times, though tab swapping sometimes ends up in deleted replies (3G…) but that’s Safari’s fault.

This could be good news, though:

What you mention is just using Safari, right? But what I am wondering is if there is any App specific for forum browsing in which you could manage different forums you usually visit.

I am currently building an iPhone app style interface for our forum software.

I use Tapatalk for a couple of forums, but just like you said, the admins need to install the plugin/software in to the forum.

Is that “Current style, a bit narrower and easier to click with more contrast” or “Actually looks like an app” ?

The latter I’ve seen done and it has a tendency to end up tacky and counterintuitive.

I’ve just started on it, but here is a pre-development screen shot.
As I stated, I’ve just started and plan on customizing it for the core77 site.

You rock! Can’t wait.

Damn you iPhone and your killer apps, continually tempting me away from my meager 2006 phone and calling plan…

I’d say with 4 years of use, you’ve amortized the cost of your 2006 phone. Time to step up to a Jesus phone.

… in a few months when they possibly release the 4th one, assuming they follow the past release dates.

Why don’t you take a look at Tapatalk, TouchBB, Kaytri and Soapbox? These are forum browsing apps for the Jesus Phone and iTouch. I tried but it seems something needs to be installed on the forum site for it to work.

Check them out at the app store, maybe you don’t have to design any interface at all.


Here is a little update with the layout. A lot more to do, but I wanted you to see the progress. The topic page is not quite done yet.