Form over function

Having to endure Harry Bertoia chairs throughout my childhood, I often wondered why these were considered good design. Now I have come to appreciate those wire chairs…

Modern designers are scared to take chances though there are exceptions such as Marc Newson; He isnt scared by form over function.

We need more design rebels who are not led by marketing!

“Form follows Emotion” I believe was the tag line for for Frog design for years. We live in a world full of good things. But very little great objects. How many things do you own do you love enough to keep them to the day you die? How many would pass to your children?

As Richard Kuchinsky once said in one of these threads, to paraphrase “I’ve seldom regretted the expensive things I’ve bought, its the cheap $20 items that I wish I never got” Most people don’t think that way. I’m not saying great design has to be expensive by any means, just that many people don’t dare to spend time to surround themselves with things they truly enjoy that make them smile just to look at. That compel them to use them and take care of them, and keep them.

Many designers don’t do this.

What are some ways we can educate people to take 20 minutes to appreciate their surroundings? Design Within Reach and Target do a great job of this. How can we do it as designers directly to the public… ahem IDSA… ahem

Funnily enough im writting a paper on this discussing which should come first the design process.

Im a little stuck on resource material i.e any of existing books papers blogs anyone have any ideas?

You’ve read “Emotional Design” and “Watches Tell More than Time”?

also see:

Many thanks yo, knew there was a topic about it.