forget it

forget it…

Why are you refering to yourself in the third person?

Other than the headlight area I see very little resemblence other than the name.

The “Audi” Etron is basically an R8 with some awful wheels and a grill.

Your rendition doesn’t really bear any similarity especially the center section of the car.

Perhaps one of the designers had seen your car and used it as inspiration, or perhaps it’s just another case of cars looking like one another. At the end of the day you can’t really get anywhere with claims of being imitated, and the resemblance is minor at best. I would wonder more about them chosing that name then that design of the car itself.

I don’t see a great resemblence either. The Audi looks a lot more like an R8 than your design. Plus, you should redo that video of yours. Annoyingly long. I closed it after a couple seconds.

Here’s the guys coroflot page:

I have to agree with everyone else. I am not much of a car guy and don’t usually comment in these threads but I can even tell there is not much resemblance. I do how ever agree with Cyber on how did they choose the same name a s you. That to me is a bit weird.

Also have to say the 914 is right. Change that video. I skipped through it just so I could see what the car looked like and then closed it. Too long and that song is very annoying.

Who designed it? Audi. Not you. The E-Tron is obviously an R8 with batteries and some extra crap stuck to it. And it has nothing to do with your incredibly long video.

love it. What would we do for entertainment with out the weekly plagiarism accusations on this site?

Thanks for your comments guys,Appreciated, I can tell you understand design language pretty good :wink: Good luck to you all!