foreign user market research

Im working on usa based client who want me to design a device that will be marketed in usa and europe.

Meanwhile my small studio operate in malaysia which cause me a little harder to do consumer market research as im not living in US or Europe and researching from internet webpage doesnt do much from me.
( note that client is on tight budget and i guess thats why he is sending design project to asia)

Anyone have thoughts to overcome this?
Or just use online survey service?
Any opinion is much appreciated as this is new for me

Hi Greg,

I don’t have much more to offer than if the client is on a tight budget, how can you set aside for consumer market research? Most design trends are pretty well documented on blogs nowadays. Online surveys could work, but need to be well crafted and reach a big enough group to be valuable. Or you might ask them to do the market research part, especially is they have a marketing department.

On another note, I’m pretty stoked to hear from another rhino-using product designer in Malaysia. I’m in JB, you?

This may be a long-shot but have you considered finding a way to contact American and European expats living in your locality to gauge their opinion on the product?