Foreign student wanting to study in the US.

Hi all,

As a foreigner, I am looking for some information on entry requirements to enter a US design/art school. I hope to further either communication design or interactive/new media design (anything along these lines).

I know that submission of a good portfolio and academic records are mandatory when applying for a degree course.

However, what else would be required for a foreign student? Most/all of the schools here require either SAT or TOEFL scores, however, I have never taken these tests in my life. But what I do have is a GCE ‘O’ Level and a related Diploma with an “A” for my Final Year Project.

With that being said, my guess would be that - if i want to enter a design/art school in the US (like say, hopefully, RISD, Pratt, Parsons, Otis and so on…) I still have to take the SAT Test (and do well in it) regardless of my other qualifications? Is that correct?

I understand that this is an ID Forum and I’m interested in communication/interactive media, however, I can’t really find a better place to ask these questions at the moment.

Hope to hear from you guys.

Thank You

Just check out the school’s website… It should give you all the information you need. Basicly, YES, you still need to take the SAT test, and if English isn’t your native language you might have to take TOEFL…varys from schools, though. Just check out the school’s website…

I’m a foreign student want to study in US, too.

kneural, are you from Singapore or Malaysia?

For foreign students, Toefl is required for all. You have to meet the school’s minimum required score. As long as you pass, even by just one point, you are fine. What really decides your entrance is the standard of your portfolio. In many cases, it may also entitle you to scholarships that the school doesn’t talk about.

O’Level and such isn’t a requirement, but it’s a record of your academic history.
If you have attended university level courses, you may be able to use that as credits.

soymilk, I suppose you don’t have any issue with the military(assuming that you are male). Like I said, in most cases, Toefl is the basic requirement. I am not familiar with schools like UC, but I assume your academic history will be important. I don’t think SAT is necessary because it is mainly for US students. It doesn’t hurt to take the test if you are confident with your english and math. It can be tough for non-english speaking people.

However, if you score good on SAT, it’s a huge plus.

Lastly, every school has different requirements. So contact them directly. Forget about emailing them, it will take months to get a reply. Look up the international advisor’s number and call. Spend the money on international calls rather than wasting your time on the wrong things.

Thanks for your reply, molested_cow, you’re right about the military problem, but I’m a girl, though. I will try to make those international calls :smiley: