Hey guys, i am currently working on a project called the Ford WAYV(wave)

I am designing this vehicle for the 2010 Michelin Challenge Design, which the theme is Design a vehicle that is ELECTRIFYING! Beautiful, innovative , and radiant.
I am designing this for the beach and mainly for surfers, the back part, i will show a sketch soon about.
Im about to turn in the first part of the challenge and here are some sketches/renderings of what i have so far, and will continue to post sketches as the project moves along. and should have more sketches up in the next few days!

I hope to hear what you think!
fordside01 copy.jpg

come on! i wanna hear what you think!

more stuff!

thanks :slight_smile:

I like the way you’ve integrated the name “Wave” into the daylight opening line. I feel that you should make the car’s front a bit more fluid and dynamic though - especially with the headlights (and maybe add an H-grill).

As far as your early sketches go, I feel that they are being limited by the perspective errors. For example, the wheels and front windshield need some work.

I would also think you might want to take the words “Beautiful, innovative , and radiant” into more consideration. Maybe add an innovative convenience feature for surfers or something.

Keep up the work!

hey Andrew

thank you a lot for a great comment, i like the way you explained everything, and i will work on what you told me, and the back bench part acts as a surfer rack type thing, and im still working on it.

thanks man! :smiley:

another render…
new front design.

two more :slight_smile:

comments will help alot!!

come on! i wanna hear some criticism!!

try on photoshop…

come on! i wanna hear some criticism!!

try on photoshop…

final boards are in my gallery, if anyones interested…

Sorry you haven’t gotten much feedback.

For a 14 yr old you are doing some great work. My advice would be to stay away from the computer and work purely on your sketch work, perspective, and line quality. Grab some Scott Robertson stuff:

Hey! thanks man, and yes, now im done with this project, i am really focusing on hand sketching, and getting my perspective and such down pat, thanks for your comment.