Ford Tourneo 2023

I don’t know what to make of this from Ford.
The opening sequence indicates an upscale architecture supporting actor to the lead actor. However, I’m wondering who Ford is targeting with this new issue for fall 2023 in Europe. Can’t see Dad or Mum driving this. It looks to be targeting the college graduation gift segment, maybe.

It looks sensible, but touring the alps in February will cause anxiety with those tiny tires. With “mild-hybrid” technology it looks like a maintenance nightmare, maybe.

was just about to post about it @designbreathing , you beat me to it!

Interesting it has minivan doors which is very practical!

(sigh) wish it was the new EL-ement.
And had bigger tires.

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@slippyfish that would requite Honda figuring out the market :rofl: … seems like they pulled a practical small CUV just as everyone started looking for practical small CUVs!

I bet those wheels are at least 18" and this thing is just tall. Standard wheel sizes have gotten so large. When I got the Golf R I got 19" wheels and that was the largest wheel possible. same with my Audi S3, 19 was the larger wheel at launch. Now 19 is the entry wheel size on a lot of cars. I think because crash standards forced hood heights up it just makes the bigger wheels seem normal.

I kind of like the chunky look of this. It has a JDM vibe! Totally different but it makes me think of that original generation of Scion xB and the JDB Nissan Cube we never got.

Looking for images of it I stumbled on this. How cute is that as a pickup!

In 2010 they did an EV concept of it.

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I’m totally on board with this. I could see a ton of people currently driving Transits driving this. And wait until they expand it out to lifted suspension/overland style rides… won’t be able to keep them in stock. Throw a 1UP rack on the back, and a camper tent on top and watch the national parks fill with these overnight.

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I’ve noticed a good number of contractors in Oregon and SoCal switching to Ford Transits… not that it is putting a dent into F150 sales or anything, but they make a lot more sense in the city for a contractor. Easier to drive around and park in tighter urban areas, stuff is locked up, etc…