Ford Start Concept

I’m really liking this, it is like a squat first gen1 TT hatchback. I would drive it.

Take that Fiat 500!

I’d still take the Fiat 500 however.

That is a beautiful little car!

Any idea if it is actually going to market, or specifically a concept?

Very cool- I’m going to research a bit more into this tomorrow when I have some more time.

Now there’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of gaudy sameness! It’s a beauty.

Nice. I like. A bit of the newson concept from a while back in there (though still like that better). Can see how you like it Yo, almost a combo of your TT and mini, in a way.


Nice, I like the small retro detail on rear windows and roof, as well as the generours thighs ;o)

I like the restraint. The photo angles are weird though. I’m not sure if some of the proportions are off, or it’s just the camera angle. Love the engine bay though.

Totally, TT+Mini+Newson… I wonder if J Mays was involved?

It’s slightly pudgy, slightly athletic…I think I like it too.

It is pudgy, a little guppyish in kind of a 90’s way… I like this direction a lot for them, a lot simpler than the Fiesta type direction. It feels a bit more timeless.

I’m really loving the interior of this car more than anything. Sporty and minimal, again showing good restraint. I like the repetition of the riple details, and really love the structered detail of the interior C-Pillar.

I also appreciate that the exterior of the car doesn’t look like a compressed version of a larger car, which seems to happen to some other cars of this size. Even Audis A1.

some early stuff:

i like it, has a “alfa” feel, too bad it will get watered down to blandness like the GM hybrid did.

Your right, definitely some alfa to it (and I’m an Alfa fan so maybe that is why it appeals) I see some MiTo influence, but even a bit of the old BAT concept cars in there.

the rear has some links with the first Ka

and sportKa

Trouble is, you know this is too cool to be made. Sorta like,


Maybe Marc should email that o21 concept over to BMW for a that Neo 2002 they keep talking about! :wink:

oh, now you are talking! Thinking about that makes me drool. Reminds me of this I found recently-

If only I had extra parking (and extra $), I’d be picking this up for a nice summer ride.



I love how the ‘face’ looks like it’s screaming with it’s eyes clamped shut.

I really like how it’s simple and filled with full volumes without being “cute”. I actually met the exterior designer (Jeff Nields) sometime ago when he came to our class to critique our projects. Cool guy, cool car.