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god awful loft-apartment-elevator stretched metal fence for a grill?

check out the back view

Funny, most of those pics look like they could just be really good renderings except for the main one with the industrial background. Anybody else think so?

it’s getting harder to tell these days, I had an image on my monitor the other day and a co worker popped over and said it was the best rendering he’d ever seen, I said thanks, might be because it is a photo of a production product.

Honestly though, if you are puking over this Mustang the last three must have turned you inside out. Personal attraction aside, it is a maked inprovement inside and out. To bad it lost some of the concept’s proportions.

Just saw one in passing at the gas station.

It is a big car. Doesn’t make you feel confident it can be thrown around curves. Of course, it’s supposed to be “muscle” car, but that’s no excuse in this day and age.

Looks good right up until the rear wheel wells. The tail is as chunky as a minivan. In fact, it feels like you could put the whole front end into the back. Then, just when you think that’s all that’s wrong, the tail-lights remove any personality the car had going in the front.


every review I have read says it sticks corners like glue… a touch of oversteer but thats the rear wheel drive.

yeah the ass end is left out, but there are few cars that have a nice ass :laughing:

I think you could put 17’s five spoke mags on the back (16s on the front) with some Mickey Thompson ET Streets 26 x 10.5" Drag rubber, add coil overs to raise the rear deck an inch or so. it would help increase the “Wedge” shape and make it more aggressive and give it that real heavy look.

At the price, the core Mustang guy is gonna look at the GT with the eight cylinder for 25K and go: “shee-it I got leftover to drop in performance parts…” Stock its pretty good but the design allows for alot of customization. Aftermarket MFRs are already cranking stuff out.

BTW Ford tuned the exhaust to the perfect growl, its one of Ford’s selling points. I heard one revving at a the local dealership here in SoCal…gave me goosebumps.

All in all much more worthy of the 'stang nameplate than the last bodystyles, and thats coming from a Chevy guy…

Mr-914’s prediction: Mustang sales will increase by 10% with the new model.

Although I think we (designers) have moved beyond retro-design, we maybe misjudging the buying public. I know this aesthetic was focus-grouped to hell, and it is the product of where the market will probably be in 2 years. Think I’m crazy? Judge by results.

While the GM F-body died a slow death, the Mustang enjoyed a success. Ever since the 1993 redesign of the F-body GM’s sports car sales dropped every year to something like 1/10 the Mustang sales. Mustang sales held steady and even grew over that same decade. They were ugly as hell, but just what the people wanted to buy! In fact the story was the same across the two door coupe industry: Prelude - dead, RX-7 - dead, Stealth - dead…the industry is littered with great cars that found no homes…but the Mustang continues.

I’m going to go out on a limb here, but I think the Mustang is tapping into a core piece of Americana successfully. I’m willing to guess that the Mustang buyers (not I) want a retro 'Stang…with all of its faults (including the oddly proportioned tail…but when did the US makes build proportioned cars?). These buyers want the comfort of a familiar design, not the always unknown change.

Ford…way to go!

This is exactly what the 19 year old kid in ohio and the 45 year old guy who wishes he was a ninteen year old kid in ohio want. The american equivalent to a decked civic. [2005 Mustang does not come with photoshoped smoke]

Needless to say, I won’t be buying one, but there was pretty much no chance of that anyway… so all in all, I don’t like it (though I like it better than the voltron styled brick that was the last mustang [who was the designer on that, Megatron?]), but good job guys. I think it will do well. The interior is real nice though…

It also bears quite a resemblence to this car - the Austin Martin V8, thought the Austin has better proportions, much sleeker assend. The windsheild rake is similar, as well as the sharp sharacter lines on the stang reflecting the angular chrome bumper.

don’t you think?

This clearly belongs in that “anti-design” thread I started a while back. The faux-DIY extra headlamps are the giveaway.

It says “nasty” which is the whole point of the 'stang I guess.

Oh! Photoshop. The auto industry has been airbrushing photos for decades. Go back even to the '10’s and you will see Dureas and Cadillacs that are so airbrushed they don’t look like photos. Of course with the poor production quality of the time, I can hardly forgive them.

I kinda like the new 'Stang, although I will never trade my del Sol for one. The whole purpose of a Mustang to me is nostalgia, Bullit and all. This car is as close to a easy daily driving Bullit as is possible.

i like the new mustang. you can see some of the 1967 in it. well, but that’s mustang, people either like it or hate it. i would buy one if it looks as good as they do in photos. besides, it’s a very inexpensive toy

I have worked on 5 retro products to date, one actually from the same period…1965 to now.

Retro products are about discovering the true essence and soul of the product, not about pushing the latest styles and trends into the most modern creation possible.

Personally I think ford has done the most accurate work of this on the new stang. Best in auto since the Beattle.

Looking at the new stang next to my fathers 69, it looks like ford never lost its way with in the 80’s and early 90’s with their “escort” stangs. They look as if they have been gradually evolving the same sence of form and styling since June 1964, when the first one publically sold.

It is a muscle car, as it was intended. Not an overstyled european exotic, never was ment to be. Muscle cars are like rat bikes, “mostly go with a little bit of show”.

Ford nailed the essance, and soul of the original stangs, and revived the muscle car from the fait of becoming rice rockets. And why not now that GM cancled their pony car class f-bodies; Camero and Firebird/Trans AM.